A short Portrait

Jens Steinhoff, born in Constance (southern Germany), learned his trade in different workshops in Germany and other countries. In April 2002 he founded his own  workshop in Schwoerstadt, a small village, located in the Black Forest Region on the upper Rhine River.

His declared goal is to build high-quality pipe organs in respect to technique, craftsmanship, and sound.  Every stage of the instruments development, from the first drafts of design and building concepts to the final voicing, is carried out by his workshop.

Nearly every step is done in perfect craftsmanship by the team itself: Handcasting of finest tin-plates or building easy-going keyboards in the style of the instruments, finishing of the cases and windchests made from best quality, long-stored wood, the perfect mechanism that couples the keyboards with the inner parts.

The results are artfully executed hand-made organs: form and sound in perfect harmony, each fitted to the unique architectural and acoustical requirement of its final location.


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